Where is the bookstore?
The bookstore is located on the 2nd floor of the Lakeside Center at the information commons desk.

How do I pay for my textbooks?
You can pay with Cash, Check, Credit Card (MasterCard, Visa, or Discover), with financial aid (scholarships, student loans, grants, etc. after the cost of tuition is deducted), or on a payment plan.

How do I find my booklist? 
  1. Log in to MyNicolet from the Nicolet College website: www.nicoletcollege.edu
  2. Click on the "Self-Service" tile (blue box).
  3. Hover over Registration to bring up the menu and then click on My Schedule.
  4. Verify that the Period box has the correct year and term from the drop down list, and then click on View Book List.‚Äč

Will I get a physical textbook?
Textbook format varies on your course and instructor. You may have the option to purchase a physical book, rent a physical book, purchase a digital textbook, rent a digital textbook, or a digital version of your textbook may be provided to you at no cost at all. 

I’m having troubles signing into the bookstore website.
The Nicolet College Bookstore website requires you to establish a new account. It does not sync with your Nicolet College email login. You may use any email and password you would like. 
If you forgot your password, click “Forgot Password” from the Nicolet Bookstore Login Page.
Your Bookstore password can not contain any special characters (i.e. *, !, _, @, &, etc.). Only numbers and letters are accepted. 

Do you have eBooks?
Yes. If your textbook has an eBook option, it can be seen on the bookstore website or stop in person at the bookstore. If your textbook has an eBook option, it will show as an option below the "Add to Cart" Options. **If you select an eBook option from the drop-down list, it will automatically be added to your shopping cart**

How to I use the eBook I purchased or rented?
  1. Go to nicoletcollege.redshelf.com
  2. Create or sign into an existing account
  3. Click ‘Redeem an Access Code’
  4. Enter the code located on your receipt and click ‘Redeem’

What is OER?
OER stands for Open Educational Resources. This means that all the resources required for your course will be provided to you for free.

Can you rent textbooks?
Some textbooks have rental options. These can be seen on the bookstore website or stop in person at the bookstore.

When is my rental due back?
Rental textbooks are due back by 4:00 pm on the last day of the semester. This date can also be found on the student copy of the rental agreement you signed as well as on your receipt. 

Can I purchase a book I rented?
Yes; to purchase a textbook you rented, stop in at the bookstore. To purchase the book, you will pay the difference between the original purchase price and the price you already paid to rent the book.

Do I get a refund for returning my rental book at the end of the semester?
No; you paid a rental fee at the beginning of the semester. You receive a savings at the beginning of the semester by paying less for the rental instead of paying the full price to purchase.

Do you have Laptops or computers for sale?
At times we have refurbished laptops for sale. Contact the bookstore at 715-365-4443 for availability. 

When is buyback? 

Distance buyback can be done at any time. Please see below for how to get a buyback quote at any time. 

Items we do not accept for buyback include: books with excessive writing, highlighting, or markings; books with water damage, stains, yellowing, mold, or curled pages; books with ripped or missing pages, damaged or detached  bindings, counterfeit books, or books marked “not for resale” or “not for sale.”

Can I mail books in for buyback, or do I have to come to campus for it?

If you wish to participate in our buyback option, please email the bookstore at bookstore@nicoletcollege.edu with:

     1. Your Name

     2. Student ID

     3. Title of the book(s)

     4. The book’s ISBN number (This can typically be found on the UPC label as well as on one of the first inside pages of the book).

We will then email you back a quote for the book(s). You will have 10 days to get the books to the bookstore for us to process the buyback quote and a check will be mailed to you.
At this time, you will have the option to mail your buyback titles to us or drop off your buyback textbooks in person during our business hours. Your buyback books must contain the buyback email you were sent and be put into a plastic bag and tied shut to help keep them separated from other student materials. 

Where do I pick up my order?

If you place an order for contactless pickup, you will receive a notification from Parcel Pending when it is ready to be picked up. On the Northeast side of the Tamarack Center, please enter the door on the far right of the building and proceed to the unit. 

How do I pick up my books at the Locker Kiosk? 

1. Press the orange “Parcel Pickup” button located on the locker kiosk 
2. Enter your unique 6-digit access code found on your notification
3. Retrieve your package from the locker that opens
Contactless Pickup:
1. Scan your barcode found on your notification
2. Retrieve your package from the locker that opens

How do I return an item, book, electronic, hotspot, or laptop using the Locker Kiosk?

Drop Off:
1. Tap the screen of the kiosk
2. Enter the phone number you have on file with the Welcome Center
3. Tap “Get PIN” (your PIN can also be retrieved by logging in at my.parcelpending.com by following the instructions below)
4. Enter your PIN
5. Select “Drop Off” and follow the prompts

My package was too high, how do I change my preferences?
I don't know my PIN, how do I find it?

For more information and to update your account settings:

  1. Go to my.parcelpending.com
  2. Click “Forgot your username” and enter your Nicolet email
  3. Next click “Forgot your password” to set your account password
  4. After logging in, you can change your account preferences under the “My Profile” menu

For 24/7 locker questions, please contact Parcel Pending Support at 855.316.4756.